Epigenetic Orthodontics

Up until recently, conventional dental wisdom has suggested that adult jaws could only be enlarged surgically. But thanks to advances in technology, patients who have narrow upper airways, crossbites or constricted mid-facial development no longer need to rely on extreme surgical techniques or even more conservative treatment options to improve problems associated with their teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway.

Epigenetic Orthodontics is a non-surgical process that uses a person’s natural gene expression patterning to correct and enhance craniofacial development without the use of wires and brackets. Using a new generation of orthodontic-orthopedic-pneumopedic DNA appliances™, which are worn in a manner similar to removable orthodontic retainers during the evening hours, we can enhance dental and oral health, while also improving facial aesthetics.

The benefits of Epigenetic Orthodontics are numerous:

  • Non-surgical TMJ treatment
  • Non-surgical airway remodeling™
  • Improved sinus development
  • Broader, fuller smile
  • Enhanced facial development
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Improve or prevent sleep apnea
  • Correct bad bite relationships

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