Dental Fillings

Nearly everyone requires at least one dental filling at some point in life. Tooth-colored fillings are beautiful and preserve the integrity of your teeth. Whether you need a new filling or are ready to replace your old fillings, we can provide you with a porcelain inlay or composite resin filling that will blend in perfectly with your natural tooth and protect it from further damage.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Porcelain dental fillings are sometimes referred to as inlays. We create your filling here in our office using the CEREC CAD/CAM System. After we clean out any decay and damaged tooth material, we take an optical laser impression of your tooth. Using this impression, your dental filling is designed and precisely milled, from a solid block of porcelain, to fit into your tooth seamlessly.

Porcelain dental fillings are stable and strengthen your tooth. Porcelain interacts with light in the same way as your natural tooth enamel and will be matched to the color of your tooth, so it will not be visible to the naked eye.

Composite Resin Dental Fillings

A very small cavity can be filled with tooth-colored composite resin. The resin is in a paste form. We sculpt the filling inside your tooth, harden it with a special light and then polish it.

Metal-Free Dental Fillings

Integrated Dental Aesthetics is a metal-free practice. We have not offered silver amalgam fillings since 1992. That’s because silver amalgam fillings pose obvious aesthetic problems, can damage your teeth and negatively impact your overall health.

These metal fillings contain mercury, the health effects of which are still a matter of controversy in the medical and scientific communities. But the damage that it can do to your teeth is not in question. Mercury expands and contracts very easily with temperature changes. Simply eating and drinking hot and cold foods and beverages can cause your metal fillings to get larger or smaller.

When a dental filling expands, it can fracture the tooth, creating cracks so tiny that you do not see them. Over time, this leads to decay. It can also cause pain and sensitivity when you chew, and your tooth may eventually begin to crumble. When the filling contracts, it no longer seals the tooth, which means that food particles and bacteria can get inside of the tooth, also causing decay.

And on top of all of these things, metal fillings quickly become tarnished and can even stain your tooth.

We can replace your metal fillings with beautiful porcelain dental fillings. When we do this, we remove any decay and damaged tooth material. If the tooth is so damaged by the old filling that a dental filling is no longer an option, we can fit you with an all-porcelain crown.

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