Prettau Bridge

Transforming the Way You Smile

Prettau Dental Bridge






This is the Prettau Zirconia Bridge.  The fact that is is not acrylic makes it better than every other choice available to replace missing teeth on dental implants.  We believe that the dental restorations we provide you should not simply mask cosmetic flaws or conceal oral conditions. Each treatment you receive should be a step toward better health and function, optimal aesthetics, greater happiness, and stronger self-esteem. Our ability to change your life with dental implants is exactly why Integrated Dental Aesthetics offers the Prettau® Implant Bridge.

Quality for a Lifetime

Many of our patients come to see us after pouring time, money, and energy into treatments with questionable long term prognosis.  If you suffer from broken crowns, defective bridges, failing root canals, questionable periodontal health, loose or ill fitting dentures, the Prettau® Implant Bridge may be ideal for you.  Those who have had success with this treatment have gone from hiding toothless smiles, struggling through painful meals, and avoiding conversations to feeling whole again, regaining confidence in their appearance and their expressions. The Prettau® bridge is the longest lasting, most effective way to replace your missing teeth, bar none, and we are proud to offer it to our patients.

The Prettau Is Made of Zirconia. No Cracking, Breakage, Chipping or Staining Like Acrylic, No Foul Odors!

If you are looking for the most esthetic and durable, permanently attached implant supported teeth replacement option, the Prettau Implant Bridge is the clear choice!  The Prettau Bridge is made of Zirconia, the strongest tooth colored material used in modern implant dentistry.  If you’ve been told that an acrylic hybrid bridge (a titanium metal bar covered with pink acrylic and plastic denture teeth) or a metal bar overdenture with plastic teeth are your only options, you should think again. “All-on-” acrylic on-4 implants options frequently chip, crack, stain and will definitely wear and discolor over time.  Acrylic is also notorious for absorbing stain and foul smelling odors.

The Prettau Bridge has so many advantages over every other tooth replacement option available today. Prettau is made of Zirconia which is totally biocompatible with the human body.  It’s the strongest dental material available and is tooth colored, so the cosmetic results look totally natural and will last many years. Dr. Logan will custom design your Prettau Implant Bridge to give you a long lasting beautiful smile that will make you look and feel younger and healthier. There’s no metal to hide and no acrylic or plastic that can stain, crack, chip or break. The clear choice is to replace your teeth with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge, not with acrylic.

Our practice is one of only a very few dental facilities to incorporate this technology in the USA and is the first office in North Jersey offering it to their patients. Our teams experience in dental implant procedures and cosmetic full mouth reconstruction, supported by our advanced technologies in joint positioning and bite force management and state of the art facility is why we are offering our patients the most naturally esthetic and predictable advancement in dental implant restoration; The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge. You get to test drive your new smile and functional bite relationship before fabrication of your final restoration. This dental implant protocol from Zirkonzahn is time tested and unique.  We feel that this is the future of replacing teeth that are missing or will be missing.   No acrylic or porcelain to chip, break or wear, totally impervious to staining and odor absorption, no metal substructure, gorgeous long lasting esthetics, and digitally milled and designed. The future is here!

Stop the endless cycle of replacing failing dental work, root canals, large silver fillings, recurring gum disease, loose teeth and dental infections. The Prettau Zirconia Bridge is a permanent teeth replacement option to replace failing or missing teeth, failing dental work,  or full or partial dentures. This is the future of dentistry and it’s available now at Integrated Dental Aesthetics.

Advanced Credentials and Years of Experience for the Best Team in Advanced Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Logan has undergone post doctorate training in dental implant surgery and restoration by leading institutions in Dental Implantology.  She has also undergone specialized training in The Prettau Implant Bridge protocol.  Her goal is to provide her patients with the highest quality advanced dental implant care with their absolute satisfaction in mind. She is a graduate of the world renowned Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program (FMIII) and Advanced Bone Grafting program.  She maintains Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and The Misch International Implant Institute.  She is a member of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  She has been certified by the State of New Jersey in Enteral Conscious Sedation.

Dr. Robert Logan has been practicing in Northern New Jersey since 1975. He placed his first fully implant supported full mouth restoration in 1980, and with over 30 years experience placing implant supported restorations, he has never been as excited as he is now with the Prettau Bridge.  His areas of focus are on comprehensive dental restoration and reconstruction, award winning aesthetic smile design and definitive non-surgical TMJ treatment.  He keeps abreast of the latest advances in implant and reconstructive dentistry by frequently attending post-doctorate symposiums across the country.

Both of our dentists are cross trained in implant surgery and advanced restorative and aesthetic techniques, allowing a comprehensive coordinated approach to your optimal care.

Questions to ask when choosing an implant dentist:

1. Does the dentist utilize an in-office Cone Beam CT Scan machine for ALL implant cases?

At Integrated Dental Aesthetics every implant case is planned and performed with a Cone Beam CT for safety and precision.  According to the new position statement of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, cross sectional imaging – notably Cone Beam CT – is the preferred method for presurgical assesment of dental implant sites.

2. Does the office have a dedicated surgical suite for placing dental implants?

Integrated Dental has a 700 square foot dedicated suite designed for your comfort and privacy.  This suite is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation for accurate and efficient implant surgery.  Dr. Jessica Logan performs each implant procedure in a totally sterile setting, assisted by highly trained and experienced staff.

3. Does the dentist have advanced implant training?

Dr. Jessica Logan is a Fellow and Graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute and a Fellow of the International College of Oral Implantologists.  Both of our doctors have advanced surgical and restorative experience.

4. Does the dentist place AND restore dental implants?

Our team takes full responsibility for the implant process. The surgical placement and restoration of your implant case is done entirely at our facility.  No traveling between different offices, so the process is seamless.

5. Does the dentist show before and after images of his own treatment so you can see what he’s done for other patients?

Stock images on websites do not reflect the aesthetic expertise of the dentist actually performing the procedure.  All cases shown on our website are our actual cases, not stock images.

6. Is the dentist certified to offer conscious sedation, sleep dentistry?

Dr. Jessica Logan is certified to offer enteral oral conscious sedation to afford  a stress free appointment.

7. Does your dentist offer the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge?

This is the future of tooth replacement. Drs. Robert and Jessica Logan have undergone  extensive training specific to the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge.  They have studied with Dr. Michael Tischler, the leading Prettau dentist in the United States, to safely and predictably offer this care to their patients.

Our team works directly with Tischler Dental Lab, the leading Prettau Zirconia lab in the country. Having this unique relationship with a top quality lab is critical to the final results of your Prettau Bridge.

This unique combination of advanced technology, experience and advanced training specific to dental implant surgery, award winning aesthetics, full mouth reconstruction and sedation allows a comprehensive and integrated approach to your care.   With the Prettau Bridge, you can have the strongest, most naturally beautiful smile possible to replace failing and missing teeth or dentures.