Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen
Winner “Best in Show” at the 2012 International Assocation of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA)

Winner “Best in Show” at the 2012 International Assocation of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA)

Dr. Logan has taken care of my dental care since 1983.  No work had ever failed or had to be replaced.

But my grinding problem, which I did not have treated during that period, had severe and debilitating effects on my health that compounded over time.  I used night guards but in time bit through them.  I had periodic bite adjustments to alleviate pain that would always return.  I ground and clenched my teeth so hard I caused myself extreme pain, fractured teeth, developed receding gums, acutely sensitized nerves, developed facial numbness, and had perpetual headaches and dizziness.

 My clinical diagnosis was “bilateral anterior disc displacement, with reduction, posterior superior displacement of the condyles with joint space compression accompanied by bruxism”.  This meant that my TMJ’s were not aligning in harmony with my teeth and muscles, and I was grinding my teeth severely.

 When I closed I unconsciously drew my lower jaw back so that my teeth would fit together.  This movement in turn caused the base of my skull to be rotated backwards and up on the occipital joint.  Subsequently my chin was always drawn in and pointing down.  All of these continuous contractual movements put my muscles in a state of stress, causing tension headaches, neck aches, back aches, dryness of the mouth, and pain behind the eyes.  As time and circumstance wore on so did my teeth and my condition worsened.  When living became unbearable after several emergency visits, I made the decision to have the work done.

 My decision to proceed was based solely on structural and functional necessity.  While the cosmetic benefits were a bonus, my new teeth would give me advantages in appearance and enable me to present myself in business with confidence.

 The science behind the whole process is fascinating.  After the initial diagnostic phase the treatment  was completed in four long (about four hour) appointments, and I was totally comfortable the whole time.  I write this as I am still going through the final micro-bite adjustment phase.

 I can positively state that the work done has significantly relieved my pain, suffering, distress, and allowed improved conditions of health and attitude.  It has allowed the major muscle groups to relax, relieving my migraines, muscle tension headaches, neck and back aches, my dizziness (rebalancing the head on the occipital joint), facial numbness and ear pain.  My normal saliva flow has returned and I have had the unexpected experience of regaining my sense of smell.  I still receive comments from people who know me on the balance of my head and upright posture, how I now carry myself with confidence.  And I am still learning to remember that I can now smile.

 If I hadn’t had this work done I would be spending my time continuing to run to the dentist for emergency visits, for pain for split teeth and myriad other problems, spending the same amount of money but never alleviating the problem by addressing the underlying causes.

 I cannot adequately express my gratefulness for Doctor Logan’s integrity, knowledge, ability, dedication, and grounded passion towards his profession. 

Thank you Doctor Logan.

Doctor’s Notes: Sue Ellen had a very long history of bruxing (grinding) and clenching.  While she did not exhibit any significant degenerative joint disease her discs were out of alignment and she could only open 36 mm, the normal being 44 mm.  Diagnostic testing revealed that when she closed her teeth together her lower jaw wanted to be 1.8 mm in front of where it was being forced to go by her bite, and her resting muscle length was 3 mm more closed than optimal.  These factors contributed to compromised muscle activity, leading to her many symptoms.  Sue Ellen did not want “white” teeth, so we decided on a lighter shade within her existing range. – DRL

Sue Ellen – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (BEFORE)


Sue Ellen – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (AFTER)