Sometime in my late teens I began to develop pain in my left temple which at times became excruciating. By the time I was in my mid-twenties I became accustomed to taking large amounts of pain killers during these episodes as well as prescribed courses of antibiotics, (mistaken diagnosis) several times per year.

After doing some research based on medical/dental opinions, I pursued a new avenue of treatment for “TMJ”. At 35 years of age I spent 6 months wearing extremely bulky and obvious orthotic appliances, all day, even while interacting with people at my job. Ultimately this therapy went nowhere.

Through a glowing recommendation from my son’s pediatric dentist, I met Dr. Logan in 1990. Although we moved out of state in 1995 my husband I continued as his patients because the care we received and the hygienists were top notch. It wasn’t until our daughter was born that our trips to Kinnelon with a baby, that did not travel well, became too much for me.

Although Dr. Logan had fitted me with an orthotic appliance that worked well and kept me comfortable, it inevitably wore out. The local dentist I was seeing in New York was of little help. One actually told me that any “TMJ” therapies available do not work.

At my husbands urging I went back to see Dr. Logan. Ever on the cutting edge, he advised me on how a revolutionary procedure could correct my bite in order to eliminate my ongoing symptoms. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and was invited to have the final stages of my procedures completed at Las Vegas Institute.

This was to say the least an amazing experience. However despite all of the dental professionals I encountered there I don’t believe I would have agreed to have this work done with anyone other than Dr. Logan at the helm. He is not only capable but also compassionate and diligent. His resolve has gotten me to a point where  I am now entirely free of the pain that has dogged me for most of my entire adult life.

Thank you Dr. Logan, Danielle and the best dental team ever.


Doctor’s notes: Marianne’s diagnostic evaluation revealed extreme hyperactivity of the muscles that position the lower jaw and a bite relation that was too retruded and over-compressed her TMJ’s. Proper positioning of the jaw-muscle-teeth relationship was accomplished non-surgically and her symptoms resolved with a removable appliance. She then decided to undergo a neuromuscular rejuvenation, which permanently restored her to this optimal position. Her reconstruction was accomplished in two appointments, three weeks apart in 2007.  – DRL

Marianne – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (BEFORE)


Marianne – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (AFTER)