Going to the dentist is not supposed to be a pleasant experience! Everyone I met greeted me with a smile and seemed genuinely concerned that I was comfortable throughout the entire visit. I was very impressed with all of the education and information shared about overall dental health and my current situation.

Thank you very much!


Doctor’s notes:  Lisa was referred to us for headache, neck and facial pain problems.  Years of bruxism, the pathological tooth grinding that many believe to be related to stress, had taken its toll.  The bite surfaces of all the teeth had worn down so that the protective mechanisms of an optimal bite relation no longer functioned.  Her front teeth had lost about 3 mm’s of structure and length, and her TMJ’s were showing signs of degenerative wear.  Restoring the lost tooth structure at a relaxed muscle position in harmony with proper joint position resolved her symptoms.  And now she has her smile back. – DRL

Lisa – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (BEFORE)


Lisa – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (AFTER)