I just got back from a weekend away where I saw many old friends. It was an amazing time with many people who I haven’t seen in years. Saturday evening one of them pulled me aside and said that she had been admiring my teeth…that she had never noticed how “perfect” they were and wondered how I got them so white! Since this fall after completing my sessions with Dr. Logan, this is just one of so many other people who have admired my teeth and my smile.

My teeth have always been a problem; beginning back in 6th grade when I needed my first root canal. The dentists I saw over the years thought they knew the reasons…the enamel never formed properly on my teeth…the braces that stayed on my teeth for 6 years ruined the health of my teeth…etc. Over the years I saw at least 20 dentists. As I moved onto college, graduate school and for various jobs, the first thing that I always had to do was to get a reference for a dentist.

Some of these dentists were good, but there were some who were not. I began to understand what I could expect and whether I was in good dental care. Over the years, I had many teeth capped and more root canals. After so much time in the “chair”, my goal became trying to stay out of the chair, especially after my kids were born. When we moved to our current hometown, I found a good no frills dentist and, despite a couple of root canals, spent very little time at the dentist.

What I didn’t realize was that the ear aches, sinus infections, headaches, sore throats and neck issues I began having during that time were a direct result of what had happened to my teeth. When I began to have the jaw pain, I saw a “TMJ” dentist. He said he had to redo one tooth at a time and eventually change my whole mouth to stop the pain. I decided to live with the pain instead, especially when I went to see the hygienist there and she didn’t even use floss on my teeth! When the pain got too annoying, I had the back tooth pulled. Then my dentist retired.

When I began having issues with the other back tooth, a friend recommended Dr. Logan. I am so thankful she did. Shortly thereafter, I began my regular dental care at his office. I was a little scared by all the fancy equipment because I had seen so many bad dentists with good equipment. And, I knew my teeth were enough of a mess that a dentist would be able to find something to work on! I had never seen this type of equipment before and was amazed at what they were able to tell me about the health of my teeth and bones. I began to trust them. I really began to trust Dr. Logan when, on an emergency basis, he told me that the tooth I thought needed a root canal due to the amount of pain I was suffering, was really fine and it was TMJ that was causing the pain in my (bottom!) tooth. Dr. Logan made me an orthotic to keep my teeth in a position where I wouldn’t be in so much pain.

A few months later, when the bridge in the front of my mouth began to wiggle, it became clear that I could no longer sustain the current situation with my teeth. Dr. Logan and his staff had already prepared me. I hadn’t been able to justify it in my mind before that because I didn’t really believe that all the headaches were related to the alignment of my teeth. However, when the teeth themselves began to fail, I had no choice.

What Dr. Logan and his staff have done for me is absolutely amazing. It took four pain free sessions. I even went to Italy after the first for an already planned family vacation and had no problems! Each appointment took approximately 4 hours. My third appointment took 6 hours due to some unexpected tooth issues. But, even so, it was hassle and pain free. I know that Dr. Logan and Danielle were exhausted afterwards!! After the fourth appointment when my teeth were finished, I came back for a series of micro adjustments. These were very short appointments and made a big difference in the comfort of my bite and jaw. The whole revamp process was started in June and the micro adjustments were finished by November. Each session made my teeth look even better and increased my overall comfort. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have a healthy mouth again! And, of course, I am also glad to be free of the other associated medical issues such as sinusitis, head, ear and neck aches etc.

I would recommend Dr. Logan and his team to anyone who wants to listen. He and his staff are experts in the field, technically proficient, as well as concerned, patient and kind. I actually, crazy as it might sound, looked forward to my appointments because I couldn’t wait to see my progress. I also got to know most of Dr. Logan’s staff and enjoyed the opportunity to see them. I know that meeting The Integrated Dental Aesthetics team changed my life, and certainly my smile, for the better!

Janice – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (BEFORE)


Janice – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (AFTER)