I had decided to have my top front teeth laminated this past summer as one of my front eye teeth was in bad shape and needed to be capped. The other teeth were in questionable condition and Doctor Jess suggested my top eight front teeth be laminated. The process would preserve the tooth structures and give me a great smile as well.

The process was explained thoroughly, so I was comfortable making my decision. The procedure went well for me and the outcome was fantastic. Doctor’s Bob and Jess, Danielle and Teri were very professional and patient friendly.

after the laminates were cemented permanently, I returned a few times to the office for some minor bite adjustments with Dr. Jess and Bob. My bite feels great and my teeth look great. I would strongly recommend this procedure to anyone thinking about having it done.

Regards, Douglas

Doctor’s notes: While Doug has been a patient for years, he had both aesthetic and functional concerns.  Years of grinding due to bite disharmony had worn his front teeth and contributed to the breakdown at several areas along his gum line, called abfractions.  He also had multiple fillings on the teeth, which led to further weakness.  Doug decided to do a combination of laminates and crowns to improve his aesthetics, balance his function, and strengthen his front teeth. – DJL

Doug – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (BEFORE)


Doug – Actual Case of Doctor Logan (AFTER)