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Is New Jersey Sedation Dentistry Safe?

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The sedation dentistry offered at our Kinnelon,New Jersey office is safe and effective. Sedation Dentist Dr. Jessica Logan offers the options of nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” or oral conscious sedation. Both of these methods are capable of producing a complete sense of ease.

If you desire a heavier intravenous sedation, we offer the services of an outside anesthesiologist Dr. Atlas to come into our practice during your visit.  Dr. Atlas works closely with our dentists to ensure you receive the highest quality IV sedation dentistry.

We offer three types of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide gas
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

Sedation Options

The sedation options we offer have a long history of proven safety. Nitrous oxide has been used for decades for a variety of dental procedures. This nontoxic, non-addictive gas is inhaled prior to your procedure, allowing you to remain fully conscious while still feeling completely comfortable at all times.

Oral conscious sedation is achieved through oral medications taken prior to your appointment. Common time-rested medications used for oral conscious sedation include Valium and Halcion, which can or can not be used in conjunction with nitrous oxide for a combined effect.

IV sedation is generally reserved for more complicated procedures or for patients who are undergoing multiple procedures at once, or for our extremely phobic patients. Your sedation medication will be administered intravenously, enabling it to take effect quickly. Our anesthesiologist, Dr. Atlas, will continually monitor you while you are under IV sedation to ensure optimum levels of safety.

The type of sedation best for you will depend on your level of discomfort and your medical history. During your initial sedation dentistry consultation, Dr. Logan will take time to discuss all of your options and help to determine the method most suited to provide you absolute comfort.

If you live in the Butler, Wayne, Kinnelon, or West Milford areas of New Jersey and are interested in learning more about your sedation dentistry options, please contact Integrated Dental Aesthetics to schedule an appointment today.

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Oral Cancer Walk

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As you may know on September 22nd we walked together as a team to stop Oral Cancer in its Tracks in the David Nasto Memorial Walk. The four mile walk took place at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ. Our office decided to help raise money by donating all monies charged for oral cancer screenings done during the month prior to the walk. With that money and other donations from generous supporters we raised $3,225.  We are so proud to have raised the most money as a Dental Team! Our goal next year is to double that donation.

So thank you for doing your part and choosing to be a part of our family.





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Award Winning Dentistry

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It is with great honor that we would like to announce that Dr. Logan and his team received two 1st place awards at the 2012 International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) annual meeting.



The first case was a complex neuromuscular rejuvenation for a TMJ patient who suffered for decades with headaches, neck issues, and joint dysfunction.  This case was treated non-surgically and was awarded Best in Show.

The second case was a restoration of a severely compromised bite condition that had destroyed all of the functional tooth structure.  This case was awarded First Place Anterior Aesthetics.

About the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA)




At the forefront of dentistry is a new and emerging paradigm that is a major shift away from the deeply held traditions of conventional dental medicine.  Conventional dentistry has focused on disease within individual teeth, and the immediately adjacent supporting soft tissues.  Undoubtedly, great strides in progress have been made in these areas.  The new paradigm, however, takes these reliable and well developed methods to replace and restore teeth and maintain periodontal health, and expands it to account for the entire physiologic and aesthetic health of the masticatory system.  The IACA is the only dental organization that fully integrates the most beautiful and state-of-the-art materials with cutting edge technology for smile creation and rejuvenation, along with how to achieve optimal physiologic and occlusal harmony.  Total physiologic health and balance in the masticatory system has many added benefits of enhancing facial soft tissue balance, along with increased health of the airway, and total improvement of the body posture.  Health and beauty now merge in a synergistic concord never before seen in dentistry.  Total life change for patients is a common and deeply rewarding outcome for those clinicians who believe and operate in this new paradigm that is supported by the IACA’s mission.

The IACA supports scientific and clinical training for management of the airway, temporomandibular joints, muscles of mastication, posture of the cranium in relation to the upper cervical complex, teeth and periodontium, and increased neurological health.  The IACA believes that all dental diagnosis should start with assessment of the neuromuscular condition of all patients as foundational to all other dental diagnosis and treatment planning.  No other dental organization has such an integrative position within dentistry.  The future of dentistry is inevitably going to be much more heavily centered on longevity and quality of life treatments, as an aging and sophisticated population will demand this.  The IACA fulfills this ever-increasing desire on the part of our patients through its dissemination of scientific and clinical information to dentists on the leading edge of this evolution in dentistry.

To learn more about the IACA please visit their website by clicking here.

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Danielle’s Journey

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I would like to tell you about the journey I’m taking. I have been wearing the DNA appliance for about one month. So if you don’t know what the DNA appliance is? Let me tell you all about it…

This appliance was developed by Dr. David Singh to expand the palate.

It has been thought that there is only a certain time frame during which a child’s palate could expand due to the fact that the bone is still growing. I believed this, too, but I have learned differently. This is a removable appliance, worn during the evening hours and overnight. This is what it looks like.

For me, I have always had breathing problems and sinus issues. My teeth are in what is called a bilateral cross bite. So if you look at my teeth, when I bite down, the back top ones should be wider than the back bottom ones. This is not the case for me. My palate is very constricted and I have a high, narrow arch.



That does not leave a lot of room for my sinuses. I have had chronic sinus infections and sinus surgery. Nothing has changed the fact that my sinuses have no room for air. My teeth don’t mesh right. I have a lot of headaches and neck pain. I have been told by two orthodontists that my palate could only be expanded surgically. So, surgery to break my palate and expand it. Not good!

In our office, we are forever trying to stay on the cutting-edge of dentistry. Dr. Logan and I met Dr. Singh and learned about his revolutionary appliance. We learned some amazing things. It’s called Epigenetic orthodontics.

Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person’s natural genetic potential to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets and braces.

Genes are involved in the sense that the human genome dictates natural growth and development. Only the patient’s naturally-occurring genes are implicated in Dr. Singh’s Epigenetic orthodontic concept. In other words, new orthodontic/orthopedic/pneumopedic™ devices or DNA appliances™ are involved in a system that has been specially-designed by Dr. Singh to bioengineer craniofacial, dental, and airway structures so that natural developmental processes are evoked to restart growth and enhance the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into more optimal relations.

Dr. Singh has shown that by changing the relations of crooked teeth, using a new generation of removable orthodontic retainers, the various genes that control tooth position will be activated so that dentists can enhance dental and oral health, including non-surgical airway remodeling™. Evidence for these ideas exists in the dental, orthodontic and medical literatures. These new DNA appliances™ rely less on the continuous force exerted by conventional orthodontic braces, but help to guide the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into a healthier place.

Dr. Singh has shown that DNA appliances™ are capable of modulating genetic pathways, which are effectively dormant or inactive, and are capable of restarting craniofacial development in an adult. In addition, abnormal patterning is corrected, in part, through the  DNA appliances,™ which may evoke natural developmental processes that improve a patient’s airway and thereby ameliorate or prevent airway issues, such as snoring and other forms of sleep-disordered breathing through non-surgical airway remodeling™ .


After just one month of wearing the appliance my arch has expanded 1.4 mm. AMAZING! My palate was about 25mm. at the start. A healthy palate should be about 38 mm. I will need to wear the DNA appliance at night only, nothing during the day at all for about 12 months. There has been no pain and we can expect expansion of about 1 mm. a month. I can’t wait!!!! I will keep you posted.


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Sedation Dentistry

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For many people, going to the dentist can be a frightening event. Something may have triggered this in people’s minds due to a childhood experience, embarrassment about their smile or oral health, or society’s perception of dentistry as a whole. You don’t need to be afraid of going to the dentist anymore!

Dentistry has changed so much in the past years–it can even be a relaxing, fun experience if you are open to it. We have the technology available to make your dental visit comfortable and pain-free. Our office is a relaxing atmosphere, catered toward making your visit an enjoyable, personal and private experience.

I am certified by the State of New Jersey in Enteral Conscious Sedation, for those patients who do feel very apprehensive about having dental work done. With just a simple small pill one hour before your appointment to help you relax, with or without nitrous oxide gas, can make the experience anxiety-free. It is a safe technique we like to offer to our apprehensive clients, who may be avoiding care due to fear. There is no reason to be afraid anymore!

If you have any questions about how we can make your next visit a more enjoyable experience, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.

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HPV and Periodontal Screening at Integrated Dental Aesthetics

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As many of you may have read about in recent issues of Men’s Health magazine, human papillomavirus (HPV) is becoming more and more widespread in the United States, so much so that controversies about vaccinating young girls has become increasingly controversial. HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted between partners, is more than a threat to your reproductive health; it is also a causative agent in many oral and throat cancers.

Not only do we want our patients to be aware of this, but we also want to let you know that we are on the cutting-edge of oral and throat cancer screening technologies. If you think you are at risk, we can perform a salivary diagnostic test, which takes approximately one minute. You can expect your results in one week.

To read about HPV and its links to oral and throat cancers, read these two articles from Men’s Health magazine:

The Women’s Disease Men Should Care About

The New Sex Cancer



Local Dentist Now Using Salivary DNA Tests

to Fight Periodontal Infections and Test for HPV Virus 

Kinnelon, New Jersey–  Dentists Dr. Robert Logan and Dr. Jessica Logan, whose practice is located at 11 Kiel Avenue in Kinnelon, NJ, are now administering two molecular tests that provide supplemental information about a patient’s periodontal disease. This information can be used to develop patient-specific treatment plans for periodontal disease therapy and to help establish the therapy endpoint.

The three salivary diagnostic tests, named MyPerioPath® MyPerioID® PST®,and a test for HPV offered by OralDNA® Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics.

Specifically, the MyPerioPath test provides semi-quantitative levels of 11 different species of bacteria known to trigger periodontal disease. In addition to identifying the bacterial pathogens, the test provides a bacterial-related risk of disease progression and suggestions for suitable antibiotic therapy. The MyPerioID PST test detects genetic changes (DNA polymorphisms) that have been associated with increased incidence and/or progression of chronic periodontal disease in some studies. The HPV test tests for 78 strains of the HPV virus, found in certain types of oral and throat cancers.  The HPV virus is a sexually transmitted virus.

According to Dr. Jessica Logan, “We are very pleased to be one of the first dental practices in the area to utilize the MyPerioPath, MyPerioID PST, and HPVsalivary diagnostic tests, enhancing our ability to provide the best possible care.”

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue and other structures supporting the teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. Besides helping with tooth retention, successful periodontal treatment can help patients with diabetes to better control their disease.1,2 About 50% of Americans have gingival bleeding, the more common but less severe form of periodontal disease.3 Prevalence of more severe disease is more difficult to ascertain. 

Several research studies have associated gum disease with other chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.4,5

For more information regarding the MyPerioPath® and MyPerioID® PST® salivary diagnostic tests, or to schedule an appointment, call Integrated Dental Aesthetics at 973-838-4460 or visit 

About OralDNA Labs Inc. (

OralDNA Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated(NYSE: DGX), is a specialty diagnostics company created to advance clinical testing in the dental community. The company’s goal is to help the dental profession achieve better clinical outcomes by providing reliable, definitive, and cost-effective clinical tests that drive the detection and prognosis of disease at an earlier, more treatable stage. 


  1. Swedish (Sweden) Koromantzos PA, Makrilakis K, Dereka X, et al. A randomized, controlled trial on the effect of non-surgical periodontal therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes. Part I: effect on periodontal status and glycaemic control. J Clin Periodontol. 2011;38:142-147.
  2. Simpson TC, Needleman I, Wild SH, et al. Treatment of periodontal disease for glycaemic control in people with diabetes (Review). Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2010;(5):CD004714.
  3. Albandar JM, Kingman A. Gingival recession, gingival bleeding, and dental calculus in adults 30 years of age and older in the United States, 1988-1994. J Periodontol. 1999;70:30-43.
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Welcome to Our Blog!!

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As many of our long-time clients may remember, we published a quarterly newsletter in the mid 1980’s entitled Choices: Toward a Healthier Lifestyle.

This was a publication we wrote and produced in-house that highlighted issues of prevention, longterm healthcare, the relationship between dental health and overall physical well-being, and specific dental issues.

Although the response to the newsletter was extremely favorable, the time involved in writing, designing, printing, and mailing the publication became a burden, and we discontinued it after two years. Obviously, this was well before the digital age. Thanks to the Internet, today we have the technology to electronically produce this newsletter in more streamlined and time-efficient manner. As a result, we are happy to announce the re-launch of our new quarterly e-newsletter, as well as a regularly updated blog that will accompany it.

Topics that are to be covered in the coming issues and new blog include:

  • New advances in technology and services;
  • Conclusive links that have been discovered between periodontal disease, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease in the elderly, and other health concerns;
  • New understanding about the complex relationship between TMJ problems, headache and migraine issues, and obstructive sleep apnea;
  • Non-surgical treatment and correction of TMJ and craniomandibular disorders;
  • Pregnancy and oral health concerns;
  • Diabetes and oral health issues;
  • The ultimate in aesthetic makeovers and facial rejuvenation procedures;
  • Exciting new advances in implant technologies, which result in easier, minimally invasive placement with improved success;
  • Current research linking obstructive sleep apnea to cardiovascular disease, cardiopulmonary disease, stroke and diabetes; and
  • Conservative, non-surgical alternatives to CPAP usage from sleep apnea and snoring.

We hope that the newsletter and blog shall become resources that will keep you informed of the latest advances and issues surrounding your health. Should you have a friend or loved one who you think may enjoy receiving these publications, simply send us an e-mail, and we’ll add them to our mailing list. Printed copies of the newsletter and blog shall be available for those that do not use the Web. And finally, we would sincerely welcome comments about both resources, as well as suggestions for improvements and future topics.

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