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Danielle’s Journey

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I would like to tell you about the journey I’m taking. I have been wearing the DNA appliance for about one month. So if you don’t know what the DNA appliance is? Let me tell you all about it…

This appliance was developed by Dr. David Singh to expand the palate.

It has been thought that there is only a certain time frame during which a child’s palate could expand due to the fact that the bone is still growing. I believed this, too, but I have learned differently. This is a removable appliance, worn during the evening hours and overnight. This is what it looks like.

For me, I have always had breathing problems and sinus issues. My teeth are in what is called a bilateral cross bite. So if you look at my teeth, when I bite down, the back top ones should be wider than the back bottom ones. This is not the case for me. My palate is very constricted and I have a high, narrow arch.



That does not leave a lot of room for my sinuses. I have had chronic sinus infections and sinus surgery. Nothing has changed the fact that my sinuses have no room for air. My teeth don’t mesh right. I have a lot of headaches and neck pain. I have been told by two orthodontists that my palate could only be expanded surgically. So, surgery to break my palate and expand it. Not good!

In our office, we are forever trying to stay on the cutting-edge of dentistry. Dr. Logan and I met Dr. Singh and learned about his revolutionary appliance. We learned some amazing things. It’s called Epigenetic orthodontics.

Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person’s natural genetic potential to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets and braces.

Genes are involved in the sense that the human genome dictates natural growth and development. Only the patient’s naturally-occurring genes are implicated in Dr. Singh’s Epigenetic orthodontic concept. In other words, new orthodontic/orthopedic/pneumopedic™ devices or DNA appliances™ are involved in a system that has been specially-designed by Dr. Singh to bioengineer craniofacial, dental, and airway structures so that natural developmental processes are evoked to restart growth and enhance the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into more optimal relations.

Dr. Singh has shown that by changing the relations of crooked teeth, using a new generation of removable orthodontic retainers, the various genes that control tooth position will be activated so that dentists can enhance dental and oral health, including non-surgical airway remodeling™. Evidence for these ideas exists in the dental, orthodontic and medical literatures. These new DNA appliances™ rely less on the continuous force exerted by conventional orthodontic braces, but help to guide the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into a healthier place.

Dr. Singh has shown that DNA appliances™ are capable of modulating genetic pathways, which are effectively dormant or inactive, and are capable of restarting craniofacial development in an adult. In addition, abnormal patterning is corrected, in part, through the  DNA appliances,™ which may evoke natural developmental processes that improve a patient’s airway and thereby ameliorate or prevent airway issues, such as snoring and other forms of sleep-disordered breathing through non-surgical airway remodeling™ .


After just one month of wearing the appliance my arch has expanded 1.4 mm. AMAZING! My palate was about 25mm. at the start. A healthy palate should be about 38 mm. I will need to wear the DNA appliance at night only, nothing during the day at all for about 12 months. There has been no pain and we can expect expansion of about 1 mm. a month. I can’t wait!!!! I will keep you posted.


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Sedation Dentistry

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For many people, going to the dentist can be a frightening event. Something may have triggered this in people’s minds due to a childhood experience, embarrassment about their smile or oral health, or society’s perception of dentistry as a whole. You don’t need to be afraid of going to the dentist anymore!

Dentistry has changed so much in the past years–it can even be a relaxing, fun experience if you are open to it. We have the technology available to make your dental visit comfortable and pain-free. Our office is a relaxing atmosphere, catered toward making your visit an enjoyable, personal and private experience.

I am certified by the State of New Jersey in Enteral Conscious Sedation, for those patients who do feel very apprehensive about having dental work done. With just a simple small pill one hour before your appointment to help you relax, with or without nitrous oxide gas, can make the experience anxiety-free. It is a safe technique we like to offer to our apprehensive clients, who may be avoiding care due to fear. There is no reason to be afraid anymore!

If you have any questions about how we can make your next visit a more enjoyable experience, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.

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