If you are ready for an exquisite smile which is healthy and comfortable, it is time to get to know Dr. Jessica Logan and Dr. Robert Logan of Integrated Dental Aesthetics, in Kinnelon, New Jersey. Whether you are seeking a cosmetic dentist, general dentist, or TMJ treatment, we can help. Our practice integrates advanced dental techniques with the highest standard of aesthetics, health and wellness.

Personal Attention and Optimal Dental Care

Integrated Dental Aesthetics is an adult based practice where you receive personal attention in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We offer sedation dentistry to help patients who are anxious about dental care, have a strong gag reflex, are resistant to numbing, or simply want to be more relaxed and comfortable during their procedures.

We understand that our patients have unique goals and values when it comes to dental care. Our goal is to provide optimal service while helping you achieve your desires.

Our office philosophy is simple: we only provide our patients with optimal services that will improve their health and well-being. Every decision we make reflects this touchstone—how we introduce patients to our practice, how we determine treatment recommendations and how we support clients who need to be treated in phases over time. Regardless of the details of your particular case, know that everything we do is designed to provide you with excellent service and improve your quality of life on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why we structure all of our services around helping our clients clarify the level of aesthetics, health and wellness to which they aspire. Simply put, how healthy do you want to be? How well do you want to feel? How good do you want to look? Our passion lies in helping you reach these goals and fulfill these desires.

  • Your Smile

    Your dental health and the beauty of your smile affect your sense of wellbeing and your overall health. When you choose a cosmetic dentist who is trained in neuromuscular dentistry, all of your treatment takes into consideration the health, function, and comfort of your smile as well as the aesthetics. We can help you look better and feel better today and in the years to come. Our treatments are restorative and preventative. The cosmetic benefits are long-lasting and the underlying benefits help you keep your original teeth and maintain optimal dental health throughout your life.

  • Getting Started

    We invite you to come in to our Kinnelon, NJ area office for a consultation and find out what a cosmetic dentist can do for you. During your consultation we will discuss your cosmetic dentistry goals, and learn about your dental and health history. You will get to know use and our practice and learn about your cosmetic dentistry options. We can help you apply for dental financing so you can get started on your cosmetic dentistry goals and taking care of all of your dental needs right away.

  • Training and Experience

    Dr. Jessica Logan and Dr. Robert Logan have extensive postgraduate training, to provide you with the most advanced cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry techniques and the highest quality care. All of our staff pursue extensive continuing education, and have a passion for helping patients. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, or to schedule your complimentary consultation, please contact Integrated Dental Aesthetics, in the Butler NJ area, today.


I was always someone who jumped in front of the camera with a huge smile. But years of an unhealthy lifestyle had done great damage to my teeth and gums. My bite was even affected. I became embarrassed and stopped looking people in the eye. If it wasn’t for the recommendation of my dentist, I would never have met Dr. Logan and his wonderful team. They made such a difficult step for me a great experience! I had extensive work done, and I honestly can say it was painless. Having Danielle at my side through every appointment put me at ease. She had become a friend with whom I trusted. I trusted everyone in the office. How great it is to see a group of individuals so dedicated to their work. The intricate work performed by Dr. Logan is unbelievable!! I didn’t walk out looking like I had a mouth full of teeth. I looked natural. The process was not rushed. And it shows! His work not only makes you look good and feel good, it makes you a healthier person. And what better way to go through life than with a BIG smile in which so many hands have helped RE-create.

Thank you, Jen